What Are Defining Moments?

What is a defining moment?

Here’s some words to describe a defining moment:

  • life-changing events
  • milestones
  • insights
  • critical choices
  • crisis points
  • unchangeable actions
  • personal definitions
  • opportunities
  • misfortunes
  • pivot points

You can see by the above words that “change” almost always occurs in these instances.

Defining moments usually happen very quickly, sometimes in the blinking of an eye.

defining moment 300x146 What Are Defining Moments?

Defining moments can easily be marked on your calendar

They are unalterable. They are memorable and you’ll usually remember the exact date and sometimes the exact hour that your defining moment occurred.

Our choices help define these events.

They are either negative or positive but rarely neutral.

Negative moments can come as a result of  weather, other people, catastrophic or un-forcasted events such as a hurricane, a school shooting or even an unplanned pregnancy

Positive moments can happen quickly or come about after much planning and preparation such as a graduation or winning an olympic event after much training. They may come from a new job or a simple promotion or they may be the result of a complete career change.

Here’s a few more definitions of a defining moment:

  • a memorable, life changing decision, event, or action that alters the course of our life (my definition)
  • simple moments that define who we are
  • Dictionary.com  – An event that typifies or determines all subsequent related occurrences
  • What does defining moments mean? An event, action, or decision that results in a significant change for a person, institution, community, country or the world. (Wiki Answers)
Here’s a thought  you may not have realized…

Defining moments bring you closer to discovering your purpose in life

This website is about real life purpose. Bookmark it now and sign up for free email updates about how to find your purpose in life. While it may not necessarily be a defining moment in your life it could be a very important step to being fulfilled and finding your niche in life.